Congratulations! You have just found New York Mets Online, the newest site on the web for Mets content. Today’s our first day and we are going to spend the rest of 2008 organizing the site and building content with a goal of going global at the start of the New Year.

You may have seen my stuff previously over at RotoGraphs or Fantasy Baseball Generals or the now defunct New York Mets Daily. If you’ve read me before, you know that I bring passion and analysis to my work.

But having a blog about the Mets is more than one person can handle alone and that’s why I’m bringing in a team of excellent writers. Right off the bat, New York Mets Online will feature the talents of Jake Emen, Lee Andrew Henderson and Zac Wassink.

Each of these guys are prolific writers and have passions that extend beyond the Mets. Jake is a boxing expert, nobody knows the Florida Gators like Lee and Zac can give you 5,000 words on the New York football Giants at the drop of a hat. But here you will just see them give their takes on the Mets. I am confident that you will enjoy their writing and will visit every day to see their take on our favorite team.

My goal for this site is to bring both nuts and bolts coverage of the team and analysis of what is happening and what the team can do to improve. Also, since we have been fans for quite some time, we’ll have historical pieces as well.

Your feedback is always welcome here. We love praise, counter arguments and constructive criticism. Also, feel free to contribute any ideas about site design and coverage. Our hope is for New York Mets Online to be your one-stop shopping destination for the team.

So, bookmark this site and come back often. Here is to a great 2009 season for the Mets!