There have been many posts on this blog about why the New York Mets should sign this guy or that guy.  Today I will make my argument for Adam Dunn.

Everybody knows that the economy is tough right now and the Wilpons have gone on record saying that they don’t want to surpass last season’s payroll.  Yes, the economy is bad and we’re all trying to get by but when you have money a slump in the economy can be a great way to make money.  If there was an owner with some money that was willing to spend a little bit more than usual this year then it would be a great opportunity to win the World Series.

Adam Dunn is a perfect example.  Right now you can get Adam Dunn at a cheap price, or at least cheap compared to previous seasons.  If you feel like Adam Dunn can be the difference in winning a championship, and on the New York Mets he could, then why not spend extra this one season.  We don’t know if the economy will be like this next year, two years from now or three years from now.  The prices might not continue to drop forever.  This might be one of the few opportunities to get a bargain like the ones you’ll see this season.

Adam Dunn can help the New York Mets because we need a corner outfielder and some offense.  Honestly I’m pretty satisfied with Daniel Murphy and Ryan Church.  I think with a full healthy season they can be fine everyday players.  My bigger concern is Carlos Delgado.  Can Delgado hit like he did the second half of last season for an entire year?   If Delgado hits well all season, Church is healthy and Murphy gets the majority of the playing time in left then the offense will be fine.  Last season the New York Mets tied with the Philadelphia Phillies for second in runs scored without any of those things.  

But Adam Dunn can put them over the top.  With Adam Dunn on the Mets they could be first in runs scored, they could have one of the better starting rotations, assuming they sign Oliver Perez, and their bullpen should be top notch.  Signing Adam Dunn could be the difference in winning the National League and winning the World Series.

Adam Dunn isn’t just the perfect fit for this year though.  Adam Dunn makes more sense than any other outfielders next season.  Why?  Because Adam Dunn can move to first base.  I was fine with the Mets picking up the team option on Carlos Delgado this season but I don’t think we should re-sign him next season.  Instead why not sign Adam Dunn to play outfield this season and then move him to first base in 2010.  

In 2010 not only will Carlos Delgado’s contract come off the books but so will Billy Wagner.  That’s more than $20 million coming off the books to sign a free agent next season.  The New York Mets won’t need to replace Billy Wagner because they’ve already done that.  The Mets won’t need to replace Delgado because Adam Dunn will take his spot.  

All the New York Mets would need next season is to fill Adam Dunn’s outfield spot.  The free agent list next season is pretty thin but the Wagner/Delgado money could be used to sign Matt Holliday.  Then the New York Mets lineup would feature Jose Reyes, David Wright, Carlos Beltran, Matt Holliday and Adam Dunn.

I’m not sure how much Adam Dunn is going to cost.  I heard at one point he wanted $54 million over 4 years but that has to drop a good bit by now.  If the economy is still bad next season then Matt Holliday might have to settle for whatever Adam Dunn settles for because all those that question Adam Dunn’s strikeouts will probably question Matt Holliday’s ability to play somewhere other than Coors Field.  It might be very possible that Adam Dunn this year and Matt Holliday next year can be bought for less than Billy Wagner and Carlos Delgado.  That means you spend extra money this year, but you get it back next season.

Of course then there is still Fernando Martinez.  Will he be ready to play everyday next season?  Will he be as good everyone thinks?  Maybe the Mets won’t even need to add Matt Holliday.  On the other hand, it wouldn’t hurt to have Adam Dunn, Matt Holliday and Fernando Martinez next season.