The World Baseball Classic is like some bizarro alternate universe where every team (or most teams) are stacked with all-stars.  But as a New York Mets fan I can’t get past the idea that this alternate universe is also a place where the New York Mets and New York Yankees pull off a monumental trade.  Jose Reyes for Derek Jeter.

Honestly, I did not watch the first World Baseball Classic.  I don’t know if the United States and Domincan  Republic are guranteed to play and if they do play the United States could easily start Jimmy Rollins and Chipper Jones and the Domincan Republic could start the Ramirezes, Hanley and Aramis.  But hopefully they’ll both be smart and start the New York shortstops and third basemen.  Then for the first time ever the argument wouldn’t be “would you rather have Jose Reyes and David Wright or Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez?”  Instead the argument would be, “would you rather have Jose Reyes and Alex Rodriguez or David Wright and Derek Jeter?”

 It’s like a bizarro world where the New York Mets decided to trade Jose Reyes for the more mentally stable Derek Jeter.  Why would the New York Yankees do this trade?  They wouldn’t, that’s why it’s a bizarro world.  But I imagine that in this bizarro world they wanted to get younger and get a traditionaly speedy lead off hitter.  So who would you rather have?  Jose Reyes and Alex Rodriguez or Derek Jeter and David Wright?

 I think the answer is pretty easy.  At this point in their careers I think that Jose Reyes and Alex Rodriguez produce more.  Alex Rodriguez is one of the best power hitters in baseball and Jose Reyes is one of the best runners.  Certainly if you look at it from a stats stand point you’re going to get huge numbers from both players.  That is why both are first round picks in a fantasy baseball draft.  But I wouldn’t take them.

Even though Derek Jeter is the weak link as far as numbers he’s certainly not a bad player from April until August and then from September to October he morphs into a superstar, while Jose Reyes disappears into thin air.  David Wright doesn’t quite have the numbers as Alex Rodriguez, particularly in the home run department, but he’s younger, seems to deal with all the media better and just doesn’t seem to be the mental trainwreck that Alex Rodriguez is.  David Wright did have similar problems to Alex Rodriguez in pressure situations last season but his .243 batting average with runners in scoring position was the first time in his career that he had an average under .298 in a full season so I don’t think David Wright will continue to struggle like Alex Rodriguez has.  

 The bottom line is Derek Jeter and David Wright are guys that you can trust to put your baseball team in their hands.  Do you want Alex Rodriguez and Jose Reyes running the ship?  I don’t think so.  

In the current real world the New York Yankees have the two older players and the New York Mets have the two younger players.  While it is nice being the New York Mets and having two young stars I like the dynamic of this bizarro world where both teams have one old player and one young player.  Imagine having Derek Jeter as your team captain for all these years and then having the luxury of letting him pass the leadership baton to David Wright.  Alex Rodriguez and Jose Reyes are great players and fun to watch but the team of Derek Jeter and David Wright is basically New York baseball’s past, present and future.