Three losses in a row, Carlos Delgado on the DL, Tim Redding and Livan Hernandez in the rotation, Jerry Manuel seemingly unhappy with both of his corner outfielders – should the Mets pull the trigger on a move now?

In today’s New York Post, Joel Sherman had an excellent observation when he said,

Why do the Mets seem to have only two modes: Winning and death spiral? It feels as if this team never just losses. It feels that each defeat comes with a backstory of dread and so many of the losses lead to outright losing streaks. What does this say about the Mets and their culture that a loss is never just a loss, but a reason to start breaking down the value of multiple players on the team? Why is the leadership – from ownership down to the GM and manager to the players and coaches – unable to limit their world to one-alarm fires?

The Mets won three in a row in San Francisco and now have lost three straight.  But I’ve heard people making panic suggestions – like trading Jon Niese for Mark DeRosa to sending Daniel Murphy to the minors.  Sure, losing Carlos Delgado for 10 weeks or more hurts, but this is still a team with great starts, a fantastic one-two punch in the bullpen and just enough starting pitching not to be predicting doom and gloom each time a few losses happen.

The 2009 Mets are not a 100-win team.  But even if they were that still means 62 losses.  This is probably a 90-win team, which puts it right in the thick of a playoff berth.  In 2008 the Phillies won the NL East with 92 wins and the year before they took the crown with 89 wins.

Sure, everyone wants a season like the 2006 Mets, who won the division by 12 games.  But those years are few and far between.

So, my advice to the team is stay the course and wait until closer to the trade deadline before contemplating any moves.  I think the Mets should certainly keep tabs of whether or not elite starting pitchers, like Roy Halladay or Jake Peavy, are available.  But other than that I don’t see this as a particularly good time to panic.

But I realize I’m probably spitting in the wind on this one.  WordPress has just brought polls to the site and I’m going to try it out here with a question on what you’d like to see the team do now.  If there’s something else you’d like to see the Mets do or if you would like to elaborate on your choice, please do so in the comments section.