I was born and raised in Alabama so I’ve heard a country song or two.  At one point Garth Brooks’ “Friends in Low Places” was a big hit and many times I’ve been tempted to sing the song several times during Mets games because of our friends in low places.  By that I mean the bottom of the order where Omir Santos and Ramon Castro play, or as I like to call them Omon Santstro.

I don’t think people expect a whole lot from Omir Santos and Ramon Castro.  They play a position that doesn’t have many good offensive players and they bat at the bottom of the order where you’re not expected to get much production.

If you examine the individual stats of Santos and Castro then neither one will look all that impressive but together the two of them have been a RBI machine.  Let’s take a look at the teams in the National League that have gotten the most RBI from the their catcher position.

1st New York Mets – 35 RBI
2nd San Francisco Giants – 33 RBI
3rd Atlanta Braves – 30 RBI

The New York Mets have gotten  more RBI from their catchers than any team in the National League (and they are tied with the Yankees for the most in all of baseball) but let’s examine this a little bit further.

As I said the Mets have gotten most of their catcher production from Santos and Castro at the bottom of the order.  San Francisco’s catcher, Bengie Molina, bats 4th in the lineup.  The Atlanta Braves’ catcher, Brian McCann, also bats fourth.  That means that Santos and Castro are knocking in more runs than catchers that are good enough offensively to be clean up hitters.

Let’s forget about the other teams in the NL for a minute and focus on just the Mets.  These are the RBI total for the Mets by position:
C – 35 RBI
1B – 37 RBI
2B – 15 RBI
3B – 32 RBI
SS – 23 RBI
LF – 28 RBI
CF – 34 RBI
RF – 15 RBI

Even though his all around stats weren’t great Carlos Delgado did get a good number of RBI back when the whole team was healthy so it’s no surprising that 1B is the position where the Mets got the most RBI, but the catcher position is second in the team in RBI.  Santos and Castro (and a little help from Brian Schneider) have knocked in more runs than David Wright or Carlos Beltran.

That’s not to say they are the best offensive position.  Obviously there is more than just getting RBI.  My point is simply that for a pair of batters that are usually batting 7th or 8th in the lineup they are coming up pretty big.  Santos has even had some big clutch hits like the home run against Jonathan Papelbon.