With the July 31st trading deadline fast approaching the Mets need to determine the best course of action.I think we all can agree that the 2009 season has been a huge disappointment so far. With the Mets 10 ½ games out of first place and 7 ½ games out of the Wild Card the playoffs don’t seem like a possibility.  But you never know after all who thought a team could blow a 7 ½ game lead with 17 games to play.  Sorry I had to bring that up. With that being said and with the trading deadline fast approaching the question becomes should the Mets be buyers or sellers in 2009.

Well I would to say they should be neither.  First with the rash of injuries the Mets have suffered is one player really going to make a difference down the stretch?  I don’t think it is worth mortgaging the future for a quick fix that really won’t help.  If the Mets are going to be sellers who are they selling?  I keep hearing people mention they should sell Pedro Feliciano since he is a lefty specialist and most teams are always looking for a lefty.  But remember he is signed for next year and the best you would be able to get for him would be a midlevel prospect. Is that worth weakening your bullpen in 2010?

However I would say if a trade was presented to the Mets that made sense such as the Jeff Franceour for Ryan Church trade than I agree the Mets should pursue it because that type of trade would help them next year and beyond.  The Mets should not make a trade for the sake of making a trade.  The last time they did that they traded someone by the name of Scott Kazmir, not exactly a trade Met fans want to remember.   

As Mets fans we need to hope the Mets can start to put some wins together and hope Reyes, Beltran or Delgado come back sooner than later, though it does look like it is going to be later rather than sooner.  I for one I’m not writing the season off just yet, but I would rather the Mets take into account 2010 when they determine if a trade makes sense.