Brian Joura – I grew up in Staten Island and went to the same high school that produced MLB pitchers Jason Marquis and Rich Scheid, who was in my homeroom class.

I followed Jim Valvano to North Carolina State. Previously, I’ve worked for Howe Sports Data, Street and Smith’s The Sports Business Daily and SportsTicker. Currently, I write for The News and Record, and RotoGraphs but my favorite gig is being a dad to my two kids.

Following the Mets all of these years has produced some famous highs and lows. I’m still convinced the Mets won Game 6 of the 1986 World Series because I sat completely still on the couch throughout the comeback, afraid to move a single muscle in case I might jinx the comeback.

While most Mets fans point to June 15, 1977 as the worst day in history, I’ve always felt that October 22, 1974 was a bad one too. That’s when we dealt Duffy Dyer for Gene Clines. It still hurts.

Lee Andrew Henderson – I was born, raised and still live in Birmingham, Alabama.  Everybody in my family except for me was born in Pittsburgh so I was nudged towards being a Pirates fan.  But I rebeled and decided since I wasn’t from Pittsburgh I didn’t have to be a Pittsburgh fan.

I decided to just choose whatever team I liked and that was Darryl Strawberry, Dwight Gooden and the New York Mets.  For many years I was just a casual fan of the New York Mets.  It’s hard to following the Mets when you’re in Alabama and the internet wasn’t in every household and ESPN wasn’t airing several games a week.
Eventually the internet hit my home and I was able to follow the Mets every game.  I decided to give back to the internet by posting my wonderful writings all over the place and this blog is my latest home.  I haven’t suffered through as many bad seasons and horrible trades as the other Mets fans on this blog but I look forward to seeing plenty of bad seasons and horrible trades to come!  I mean…well, you know what